Fashion is more than a statement to Jesse Spitzer: it runs in the family. Born in Ohio, Jesse grew up around gentlemen who appreciated the art of elegance, and was trained from an early age to develop an eye for class in what he wore. Jesse became inspired by bringing classic manliness together with fine fashion. Inspiration first struck when Jesse was gifted classic suits, ties, and cufflinks from the men in his family. After this, Jesse decided to start dressing like the man he aspired to be. Disenchanted by the cheap materials of passing “fast fashion”, Jesse aspired to bring the elegance of tradition and the luxury of class back to today’s men. Impassioned by this, he ventured out in pursuit of creating something better.

Jesse Spitzer is dedicated to bringing classic luxury to today’s modern gentlemen. With a focus on timelessness and a passion for quality, Jesse Spitzer’s mission is to create elegance to last a lifetime. Today, Jesse’s devotion to style and attention to detail meet together in everything he makes: from silk ties to polo shirts, every Jesse Spitzer item is as unique as it is polished. Jesse enjoys cigars, scotch, horse racing, art, fast cars, weight lifting, a good Frank Sinatra tune, and spending time with his wife, Mandy.

Jesse Spitzer 

About The Logo

The Jesse Spitzer logo represents everything the brand is about. Masculinity, elegance, and living life in the fast lane with a spirit of adventure. To the man who lives outside the lines, a rugged individualist. Like a racehorse, he charges forward with speed, strength, and endurance. He will not be stopped. He cannot be stopped.