Rugged Beauty in Southeast Maine

The waves crash against the craggy rock. The air is thick with the salt of the sea. It’s evening, and the sun is making its way back to its nighttime home. It casts itself low over the water, glistening with the ebbs and flows. The newly paved road snaking this Biddeford Pool coastline is silent, save the surge of water thrashing the coast like a boxer in the throws of a fight. Across the bay sits the Marie Joseph Spiritual center, a location beautifully suited for peace and reflection. One can’t help but feel a stillness and tranquility in this place.


Kennebunkport sits about half an hour south of Portland

Hugging the coast. Taking a stroll over the bridge into Dock Square lets you know the reason so many have made this town their summer residence. The charm is palpable. The seafood options are endless. If you find yourself hungry, make your way to the Cape Porpoise pier. The Cape Pier Chowder House serves lobster and crab rolls with sides of warm clarified butter and beautiful views of the harbor. With a full belly, make your way over to Walker’s Point, location of the Bush family compound. It reaches out like a sea captain pointing his finger onward. Again the sound of the ocean captures you. Sit down on the conveniently located bench, close your eyes, and enjoy. Let the warm sun take you away.

You’re in Bath, Maine. The Kennebec Tavern sits on the water with window views from any table. There are also umbrella-ed tables right by the sea. You must try the Haddock Reuben. The marbled rye with sauerkraut, Swiss cheese, and Thousand Island is exquisite. You finish your meal and step out onto the sloped streets and take a walk up the hill. You turn around to see the sea like through a peephole at the end of the street. The quaint shops call to you. You step into an independent book store. And then a clothing store. And then you’re welcomed into the ice cream shop.

kennebunkport beach

Maine is an experience unlike any other. It draws you in and keeps you wanting more, more, more. Making you wish you never had to leave. But you know you’ll be back again. Once you return home from Maine, you’ll be sitting at your desk when you realize 5 minutes have gone by and you’ve just snapped out of a daydream. It’s always there enticing you, calling you. If you close your eyes for long enough you can relive all of it. The smell of the salt air and the seafood. The sound of the dancing waves and the voices echoing through the town square. The sight of the unparalleled beauty of the coastline. The touch of the warm lobster roll in your hand and the butter dripping through your fingers. The feeling of the wind at your back, the sea at your face, and the endless possibilities that stand in front of you.

It changes you.

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